Hi, my name is Carlos Ivan Sosa.

I'm an experienced Software Engineer/DevOps. My expertise consist primarily of
Web applications, Servers/Database systems, and Performance/Load Testing systems.

I'm a generalist with a hacker mentality, an avid GNU/Linux user for profit and for fun, and a novice Electronics/Hardware hacker. Most of the projects I've worked on, make use of Free Software and Open Source technologies.

I write in my personal weblog "log : gnusosa".

I currently live in San Francisco.

I'm currently studying to become a Physicist.
I like Japanese culture and their Zen. Wasabi. Science related content, and
the history of Mathematics.

I enjoy playing the Japanese board game Go, reading comics, and listening to Jazz while drinking San Pellegrino with Lemon.

You can contact me via:

The views expressed on this website and my weblog do not reflect the views of my employers, past employers, clients, co-workers or any other individual related to me.